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Can Falling Leaves Damage Your Car?

Can Falling Leaves Damage Your Car?

Can something as light and delicate as a falling leaf damage your car? While it may defy all sensible explanations, the answer is “yes.” Falling leaves can damage your car in more ways than one.

How Can Falling Leaves Damage Your Car?

Don’t be deceived. While the falling autumn leaves look extremely lovely, even picturesque, they can wreak havoc on your car. Here are some of the ways by which they inflict damage on your vehicle.

Falling leaves can damage your paint’s finish.

Falling leaves may be a sight to behold, but you wouldn’t want them to fall directly on the roof and hood of your car, since they can leave micro-abrasions which may lead to water damage and rust formation.

To make matters worse, the sap and pollen from falling leaves are fairly acidic in nature. When they land on your car and they get wet, the acid content can leach into your car’s exterior finish and eventually penetrate the clear coat.

The warm days and cool nights of autumn only make things worse since the constant shift in temperatures cause the metal parts under the paint to expand and contract, allowing more acid to seep through the paint surface and cause even more damage.

They can affect engine performance.

When left unattended, small broken pieces of leaves can get trapped between the body and the hood. These tiny pieces can eventually find their way into the air inlet of your car’s AC, clogging the air filter and blocking the flow of air into your car. It’s definitely bad news, since nobody wants a malfunctioning AC and heating system, right?

But that’s not all. As the debris rots, mold and mildew may start to develop. Can you imagine how unpleasant and unhealthy it would be for you and your passengers to be breathing such contaminated air?

They can cause water leaks.

Decomposing debris plus dust and dirt can be an extremely lethal combination, since these tiny particles can easily clog the drain holes, causing rainwater to leak into the vehicle and damage the car’s interior. Prepare yourself for even more serious damage if the drain hole in the wiper slot gets clogged, since the rainwater may find its way into the engine compartment and ruin the engine.

They can damage your windshield.

Don’t make the costly mistake of turning the wipers on while there are dried leaves trapped underneath, since this can leave nasty scratches on the windshield.

They increase the risk of accidents.

Roads covered with leaves can be difficult to navigate, since they tend to conceal curbs, potholes, and fallen tree limbs and limit the visibility of road markings. Moreover, wet leaves make roads extra slick and slippery. Making a sudden stop or slamming on your brakes while driving on such roads increases your risk of sliding.

7 Easy yet Effective Ways to Avoid Damage Caused by Falling Leaves

  • Choose where to park. As a general rule, avoid parking under trees that tend to drop a lot of leaves during autumn. If you must park under a tree, choose one that has already lost most of its leaves.
  • Don’t allow leaves to pile up. Remove leaves often, preferably once a day, to prevent them from piling up and to reduce potential damage. Don’t allow fallen leaves to stay on the surface of your car for extended periods. You can remove them manually using your hands or hose them down to avoid scratching the exterior finish.
  • Check under the hood. Don’t stop on the surface. Lift the hood to check for debris and remove it immediately to avoid causing further damage. For best results, use a compressor or high-powered vacuum to do the job.
  • Wash and wax more often. Fallen leaves are highly acidic in nature, so if you want to protect your car’s exterior paint finish, you’ll want to wash it more frequently during the fall season. Pay special attention to the undercarriage and to the various nooks and crannies to remove all the debris. As an added protection, apply a coat of high-quality wax.
  • Seek professional help. If you’re concerned about leaky seals and clogged drain holes in your windshield, have it checked by a professional auto-glass repair technician.
  • Use the garage. If you have access to a garage or any similar structure, use it. This is definitely the best place to keep your vehicle.
  • Invest in a high-quality car cover. Unfortunately, many car owners don’t have their own garage and are forced to leave their vehicles out in the open. If this is the case, investing in a high-quality weatherproof car cover for falling leaves on the hood can be a great budget-friendly solution. Aside from keeping your vehicle safe from the damaging effects of falling autumn leaves, a semi-custom car cover can also provide ample protection against the elements, accidental damage, theft, and vandalism.

Avoid Damage Caused by Falling Leaves with Seal Skin Covers

Who would’ve thought that beautiful falling leaves can cause considerable damage to your car? When given the chance, they will damage your car’s exterior paint finish and leave unsightly imprints, clog your AC system, and cause nasty water leaks that will ultimately ruin the car’s interior and engine performance.

Can you do anything about it? Thankfully, you can protect your car from falling leaves – even if you don’t have a garage. The solution: use a high-quality, weatherproof car cover!

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