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What Are the Main Types of Boat Covers?

Types of Boat Covers

Boat ownership can be a constant source of pride and joy. Many boat owners experience an indescribable feeling whenever they take their boats out into the waters. Unfortunately, most boats are exposed to the elements, making them prone to premature wear and tear. Is there a way to protect your precious possession without spending tons of money in the process? Yes, there is. You can start by investing in the best boat cover for outdoor storage.

Types of Boat Covers

Boat covers come in various shapes and sizes, but they can be classified into three main categories: universal fit, custom, and semi-custom covers. How do you distinguish between these boat cover options and how do you choose which one best suits your needs? This simple guide can answer all your questions and help you come to a decision.

Universal fit covers

Universal fit boat covers can best be described as inexpensive generic covers that are readily available at most boat parts retailers. These covers are placed at a lower price range since they are made of cheaper and thinner materials. They are also less durable compared to the other types and have to be replaced more frequently. Thus, these covers are rarely suitable for outdoor use.

Moreover, universal fit boat covers often provide a poor fit and are usually either too small or too big for your boat.

Custom boat covers

On the other end of the spectrum lies custom boat covers. While universal fit covers provide a less than desirable fit (they can either be too big or too small) and a lower price tag, custom covers are the exact opposite. These covers take into account the year, make, and model of your boat along with all its individual accessories to fit your boat like a glove. They are also extremely durable and are perfect for trailering, storage, mooring, and travel.

The downside? Custom covers can be very expensive. And since they are specially made for your boat, most manufacturers do not offer a return or exchange warranty of any kind.

Semi-custom boat covers

If you’re looking for a cover that offers the best balance between fit and price, you may want to go with a semi-custom boat cover. While these are not specifically made for the exact year, make, and model of your boat like fully custom covers are, manufacturers take into account the vessel size, style, and features in the design to make sure the covers fit boats with similar hull styles and configurations.

Semi-custom boat covers are also easy to install and are ideal for storage, mooring, and travel. As an added bonus, you won’t find yourself stuck with it if there are any issues with your purchase, since they usually come with a return and exchange warranty.

Selecting the Best Boat Cover for Outdoor Storage: Factors to Consider

Considering the vast number of boat cover options available in the market, how do you choose one that offers the best protection and provides the best value for your money? Here are some factors that you may need to consider to make sure you get everything you need.

Fabric. Choose a boat cover made from high-quality yet lightweight polyester material. This is extremely important, since this material provides ample protection against harmful UV rays, rain, and snow while allowing moisture to escape. Covers made from breathable materials are perfect, since they ensure good air circulation and prevent mildew from forming beneath the cover.

Additionally, choose a cover with several layers of materials; a minimum of three is best. Ideally, the outermost layer should be able to block things like dust, tree sap, and bird droppings, while the innermost layer should be made from a soft lining material that can adequately protect your boat’s finish against scratches. The middle layer should be made of high-quality water-resistant material that is strong enough to protect your boat from dents and dings.

Stitching. The stitching also plays a crucial role, since it can help determine the durability of your chosen cover. For best results, choose a boat cover with double stitched seams and make sure that the stitches are tight and well-sealed.

Your boat is often at the mercy of a sometimes-harsh environment. Give it the protection it needs by using the best boat cover for outdoor storage.

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