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    Welcome to SealSkinCovers.com, your premier UTV cover provider. Our business model is unique because we work directly with the manufacturer on the design and development of our UTV covers. We own the entire supply chain allowing us to monitor and guarantee high quality UTV covers at low prices.

    For our customers the advantages are obvious:

    • Savings! Up to 60% Off!
    • Hassle Free Exchanges
    • Knowledgeable Product Specialist
    • Warranties Directly Guaranteed
    • Safe & Secure Checkout
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  • Snug Fit. Great Price!

    Smart and passionate UTV owners choose SealSkinCovers.com for their UTV cover needs.

    After 22 years of business, our covers are designed to perfectly fit your vehicle type or model. Whether a coupe, sedan , convertible, van or truck - we guarantee you’ll find the right cover for your vehicle.

    Love your UTV? Throw away that cheap tarp and give your pride and joy the protection it deserves. Use our convenient selector above to find the perfect cover for your UTV.

  • Snow & Rain

    The winter months are brutal for cars left outside. Heavy snows can damage your car’s exterior and accelerate the wear process. When ice is left on your car’s surface for extended periods of time it can cause unsightly dents and scratches. If you plan on keeping your car outside this winter, make sure to protect its paint job with a heavy-duty SealSkin Cover.

    When a UTV is stored outside it is also exposed to harmful elements such as wind, dirt, and rain. Rain can cause rust. Our covers are made from 100% waterproof and breathable fabrics. Double stitched seams with rot-proof threads also provide added strength and water resistance.

    SealSkin UTV Covers are tough, durable, breathable and 100% waterproof.

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    Brandon J.

    EliteShield Boat Cover

    “Just got a new UTV and this cover fits great. Feels expensive but its not..”  Reviews from Google & Amazon...

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